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WordPress Hosting

When you hear the term “WordPress host,” did you cringe? Or did your eyes light up? What is WordPress hosting, and what makes a good WordPress host?

First of all, let’s define our terms. What are “hosting” and “WordPress”?

A server is a physical piece of hardware that runs the computer operating system (OS) software that manages communication between computer programs on a network. A web server software platform like WordPress executes web pages in response to requests by connecting to a database and then sending its HTML output via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

There are many different types of web hosting. Some are inexpensive shared hosting plans. These are the types of hosting that you can purchase cheaply and run your own website on your own server. On the other hand, there’s a growing number of cloud-based solutions that you can use very easily with no technical expertise whatsoever. When using a WordPress host like WP Engine or Flywheel, this is what you’re getting: cloud-based storage and accelerated performance so rich that it feels completely native to the user experience for both reading and writing web pages.

In my opinion, the distinction between a WordPress host and a traditional web hosting service is that it’s not just about the server software. With traditional hosting, you can step into the developer role yourself using command line interfaces, and add your own software to customize your experience. With a WordPress host, you can expect to have a plug-and-play set up for your

deployment of WordPress. You won’t need to configure anything on the back end of your website or install any plugins. It’ll be completely managed by your host.

But, a WordPress host doesn’t make sense for everyone. To understand who might be right for WordPress hosting and why others might not, let’s explore some of the differences between a WordPress host and a traditional web host.

WordPress Hosting vs. Traditional Hosting:

 An expert WordPress developer that has years of experience installing and configuring WordPress and running sites on your own.

  • Someone who is good with technology, but wants to have a plug-and-play deployment of WordPress.
  • A blogger or small business owner that doesn’t need advanced features like side-loading plugins and management tools (which can increase costs). 
  • An experienced technical user who is comfortable with command-line interfaces, managing databases, etc. – A developer who wants a more traditional hosting experience. This might be someone who only needs hosting for short amounts of time. Their needs are more focused on performance rather than the technical aspects of what a server is doing underneath the covers as far as web pages go. They have more of a focus on the content. A WordPress professional might want more control over the server configuration and website maintenance and might prefer a traditional host that uses cPanel and has SSH access.
  • A developer who wants to run complicated, customized software like Magento or custom apps
  • Someone who is going to be using their server for more than just WordPress.
  •  An e-commerce store that needs an advanced shopping cart software solution. 
  • Someone who needs to run complicated custom applications outside of their hosting provider or has complex needs with respect to databases that exceed the capabilities of WordPress.

Who Should Use a WordPress Host? The Rapid Growth in WordPress Hosting Usage.

As of May 2016, WordPress is installed on over 40% of all websites. If you’re a serious developer looking to make money and want to be in a host that has been in business since 2006, you should already know who WP Engine is.

WP Engine was founded in early 2006 by Ryan Kozak and one of my mentors at WordPress.com (back then it was called Hosting). It’s the first hosting company to offer WordPress as a product that can be purchased outright versus paying for storage each month. Back then it wasn’t as easy to self-host with WordPress because you had to manage your own server but WP Engine makes it super easy for even beginners.

Since then, WP Engine has grown to become the number one WordPress hosting company in the world. It’s also one of the top 20 fastest growing companies in San Francisco that started with less than 10 employees and now employs over 300 people – all around the world.

WP Engine’s goal is to make WordPress super easy for anyone and everyone to use. It’s not about selling more expensive software products or pushing products on users. It’s just a straightforward way to get started using WordPress on your website for free, without having to deal with complicated or expensive technical issues.

WP Engine is for you if you’re a developer looking to run WordPress on your own server or are looking for a one-stop shop to get started and don’t worry about having to figure out how to install or configure all the software that you’ll need. It’s an elegant solution for someone who wants a simple way to get started with WordPress and doesn’t want to have too many technical solutions. They can just focus on content and leave the server issues up to WP Engine.

WP Engine also offers its own plug-and-play plugin called Easy Digital Downloads, which makes it easy to sell digital products from your website without having to install complicated software in between the two. It’s the easiest way to get started selling digital products on your own website if that’s what you want to do.

WP Engine is right for you if you

Want to do things like install themes and plugins, change your site’s colors, change your site layout by inspecting elements of your design, and adding CSS code directly into the editor.

  • Want simplicity without having to configure the software. You just want your website online. Unlike a traditional host, WP Engine is a one-stop shop that doesn’t require additional software installation or configuration of the server itself on top of WordPress. With WP Engine, you just pay per month for the experience of WordPress, not for server configuration or support.
  • Want to have your own domain name like www.example.com, which most other hosts charge extra for.
  • Want to collect leads, sell products, or generate revenue from your site without any complex shopping cart software or e-commerce solutions.
  • Want a host that has more than just WordPress under the covers like PHP 7 and cPanel with SSH access, etc., without having to worry about configuring it yourself. WP Engine is a one-stop shop for WordPress hosting as a service.
  • Want to use WordPress but don’t know how to install and configure all of the software that you’ll need.
  • Want to get started quickly with WordPress without having to troubleshoot any configuration issues or using complicated software solutions.

With Vook Host you can get all of the above from the best and expertise in the same field. For more information, you can contact us at @pecinfocse@gmail.com and get the best help and guidance with WordPress Hosting.

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