What Is Cloud Hosting?

cloud hosting
Apr 30, 2021

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting and is made of high technology and gives on-demand services. It is quite popular in the industry as it offers convenient and helpful functionality.  In other types of hosting, an application or website data is stored on a single server. On the other hand, cloud hosting helps you spread your data across multiple and interconnected servers. These servers are located across a wide geographical area. They exist only in a virtual environment and thus the name cloud is given. 

In this type of hosting, multiple servers take up the load and increase uptime. Here, the website can get into a cluster and use information from a centralized pool. It implies that even if one server in the network fails, the other will come into play.  Imagine a web cloud to be a network of interconnected multiple computers. As more systems will get hooked in the system, the resources will also increase. Now you do not have to rely on a specific and limited storage space and resources. 

This cloud hosting model is cheaper and the best alternative to the dedicated server model. In the former, you do not have to handle anything at the backend and in the latter, the companies have to build their own data centers.     

Architecture Of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting’s architecture is different from the regular hosting setup. 

  • In shared hosting, a consolidated approach is used and one server maintains multiple websites. If in any case, the server crashes, every website hosted on it will be impacted. 
  • In cloud hosting, the distributed strategy works and solves this issue. In this method, each website is allocated to various servers and it will not experience any downtime if there is a problem with any server in the whole cluster.

Large websites, browsers, and social networking sites use this distributed strategy, because a single server does not have that much capacity to handle such a big load. These big projects make their own cloud hosting or get help from a cloud hosting provider. 

Which Websites Use Cloud Hosting?

Websites which use this hosting are different from regular websites in various ways. If a company cannot afford to lose working even for nanoseconds on its website, cloud hosting is the only solution for them. 

E-commerce stores, corporate sites, lead generation websites, and heavily visited websites use such a type of hosting. Further, with cloud hosting, it is easy to measure when you need more power. Thus, heavy websites and other companies that expect high traffic and a large number of clicks find this hosting appealing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Hosting?

Why has the hosting world moved away to cloud technology from dedicated server hosting? Well, as this would clearly be an expensive and complex system to install but there must be major benefits. Due to this, it is becoming popular day by day. Now let us have a look at those benefits: 

  • Reliability

If your website is hosted on a single machine then, it will vanish if the machine faces any problem or goes offline. On the other hand, if the website is hosted on the cloud, the information will be stored on an array of interconnected systems. If any of the machines stop working the others will pick up the slack and protect your website from going offline. 

If you have any doubt regarding the impact of downtime on your website and business. Well, on Prime day in 2018, Amazon’s server issues knocked the website for only thirteen minutes. DO you know it cost them lost in sales of almost $100 million i.e. $1,20,000 every second? 

  • Scalability

Scalability is one of the most important advantages that cloud hosting offers. It is the ability of the server to handle and manage growing or diminishing resources to meet business needs in a capable way. These resources can be scaled in no time without causing any disruption or downtime in the working of the website. This feature can easily handle the increasing traffic and also scale resources in real-time. 

Unlike a dedicated server, where an increase in traffic can lead to a complete website going down, cloud servers scale the server space in no time and ensure that it responds on-demand. One other important feature is that you can pay for what you actually use.

  • Versatility

This hosting is immensely versatile. Moreover, you can customize a solution that is tailor-made to meet all your requirements. You are no longer required to pick the complete packages as you have a choice to not include those features that you do not need. You can select everything from the space, OS, architecture, processing power, to security that you need with a cloud set-up. 

Further, with cloud hosting, you do not need a complete data center itself to manage everything. You just need a digital device and a good internet connection. 

Does VookHost Offers Cloud Computing?

Yes, we definitely provide this plan to our clients. Our business plan costs $1.60/month and the premium plan costs $2.27/month. These packages include various features and benefits. It includes free cPanel, 2x faster lightspeed web server, CloudFare CDN, unlimited email accounts, unlimited DB’s, and unmetered bandwidth. We also offer 24/7 live support to our customers. If you are interested, you can also take a free demo from us.

Are IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS also related to the Concept of Cloud Hosting?

Yes, all these three are related to cloud hosting as they also deliver their services using cloud infrastructure.

IaaS is short for ‘Infrastructure as a Service’. It is a new business model for all hosting companies. This involves tasks like providing virtual machines and CPU power via cloud architecture. Now people can pay for only those resources which they use and the amount they used. They do not have to have a physical infrastructure.

PaaS stands for ‘Platform as a service. This solution is mostly for the developers and this offers a framework to build upon. If you view it from the development side, it is a better solution as this reduces market time and offers more flexibility.

SaaS stands for ‘Service as a software’. It is basically a company’s cloud-based software that is offered to users to use as a service. Users can easily use it from a web browser or mobile application. One of the best examples of SaaS products is Google Docs.

The Future of Cloud Hosting

In general, cloud computing is becoming more popular and important to our current society. Technology is bringing many more things for industries and businesses to leave their mark in the digital world. Web or cloud hosting is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is also the foundation that makes cloud possible.

IBuyf you are interested and looking for Cloud hosting, you can visit our website online and see various useful packages. 

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